Friday, May 01, 2009

Don't walk, RUN to the Digitals store during our NSD Week! You won't believe the fun we have in store for you! It all starts May 1st and goes through May 8th. Here's what you can expect:

- 30% Off STORE-WIDE SALE *Sale excludes Advertising, Affiliates like Shutterfly and ACDSee, Gift Certificates, Grab bags, some services, some specially priced bundles, and classes.

- PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL-USE GRAB BAGS - More than 20 grab bags with 3 brand new complete products in each! Its recession relief at only $3 for personal use bags, $7 for commercial use bags.

- The Digitals Designers are combining the NSD & MAY CHALLENGE KIT into one amazing ECLECTIC ELEGANCE MEGA KIT. You receive pieces of the kit by completing the monthly challenges as well as other activities during the NSD Celebration. Check out the monthly
FORUM CHALLENGES to earn pieces of the NSD Kit! Be sure and collect them all!

- Don't forget to check our FREE DOWNLOADS in the store throughout the event! And pick up the FREE DAILY CARD DOWNLOAD every day! Come back every day to get 8 wonderful cards created by Glenda Ketcham!

- Amanda Thorderson will present another one of her famous TREASURE HUNTS. Visit everyday during the celebration to hunt down a new piece and lots of other fun prizes!

- Beth Rimmer is hosting the
ART DOLL INSANITY CHALLENGE. Be sure and visit the forum for the free mini-kit to complete the Challenge and have a chance to win a prize! Not to mention Beth's Art Doll Chat where there will be even more give aways!

- Join Kathryn and Lynne for a wonderful BINGO GAME and a chance to win prizes!

- Check out our CROPS going on during the week. Our crops are full of great people, great fun and great prizes so don't miss them!

- Check out the ongoing SPONSOR LIST for many prizes to win and earn by attending the crops and playing the games!

- And in appreciation of your support and joining us here at Digitals for our NSD Celebration, we have created a
BLINKIE for you! Please wear it proudly and have a great time at our fabulous celebration!

See this forum for all the details.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Well, here we are, today is the last day of the Birthday Blowout Blog. I hope that you have enjoyed collecting the 8 page album that I have gifted to you over the past 8 days and that you will find it useful. If you have missed any of the days and want to complete the album, I will be placing the pages in the store where they will be sold individually.

Thanks for stopping by my blog everyday, it's been a blast and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would also love to see any layouts made with my Whiteout album if you would share them with me :)

Here's the final page ...... the download link, as ever, is below the preview.

24 hours is long gone on this page and the link has been removed. Any pages from my 'Whiteout' album will be available for purchase in the store at Digitals shortly.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Celebration Grab Bag .......

My Grab Bag is only available until tomorrow (8th October) and after that the three products will be sold individually in the store at Digitals ..... I thought you might like a peek inside ...


... as usual I am on the run today .... here's today's page .... hope you like it.

The download link is below the preview.

This link is now down as the 24 hours are up. If you misssed any of the pages they will be available to purchase individually in the store after 8th October.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Wow, Day Five is here already! This blog train thingie is a lot of work but sooooooo satisfying. I hope you are managing to stop by everyday to get the day's gift and that you like the pages you have collected so far.

Here is today's ..... the download link is below the preview.

24 hours is up on this page and the link has been taken down. If you missed this one and want to have the complete album, the pages will be sold individually in the store after 8th October.

........... and here is the listing of all the other participating Designers' Blogs ....

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Welcome to Day Four of the Birthday Blowout Blog!

The weekend will be gone before I know it and the housework is calling (... my darling hubby does all the ironing and cooks at the weekend .. and yes, I do know how lucky I am!) ... have a great day and I hope you will like today's download.

24 hours is up and the link for this page has been removed. All album pages will be available for purchase individually in the store after 8th October.
Don't miss out on all the other gifts being given away by our talented designers at Digitals. Use the links in the blogroll below to visit each Blog and collect to your heart's content!

Friday, October 03, 2008


.......... welcome back! How is everyone today? I hope that you are all enjoying the blog train and the goodies that you are collecting. I am so pleased it is Friday today - I don't work on a Friday so I may get to play on the computer today (..yayyyyyyy!). You will find the link for today's download below the preview. Don't forget the sale in store - 30% off everything and my personal use Grab Bag - it's only available until 8th October and then all three items will be sold individually so you make a great saving at $3.00

Happy scrapping and have a lovely day!

24 hours is up on this album page now and the link has been taken down - sorry if you missed it. You will be able to purchase the album pages individually from Digitals after the 8th October.

Here is the blogroll for the rest of the participating designers - don't forget to check them out for their daily gifts!