Thursday, August 17, 2006

............... BYE BYE JESSIE

When Jack was little he always wanted a rabbit. I always wondered why people kept rabbits as pets - after all they just sat in little wooden hutches, waiting to be fed and doing not much else. Jessica taught me how wrong I was. She joined our family on Jack's 6th birthday. She was so tiny, and fluffy and pretty - someone told me that unless rabbits are handled fairly regularly they are not very friendly so I made sure that Jessie was taken out of her hutch several times during the day.

Our garden is safe and secure and as she grew bigger she was able to run free during the day, only going into her hutch at night to be safe from any cats or foxes that might be snooping around. She teased the two cats and ran rings around them constantly, so much so that they used to climb up on anything high enough in the garden to get away from her (I don't think they realised that cats usually kill rabbits and Jessie certainly didn't know that rule!!)

Jess was Jack's responsibility and he looked after her very well. Fortunately Trevor works for a fruit and vegetable wholesalers so she had nothing but the best and parsley and apples seemed to be her favourite 'in-house' food. However, nothing compared to the joy that she had trying to eat flowers in the garden faster than I could plant them and spring and summer every year was a game between the two of us when I swear I could almost see the glint in her eye as she scampered off from the daisies and as soon as my back was turned she would pop back out and start nibbling again.

We lost Jessie this past weekend - she had to be put to sleep. We will all miss her so much - thank you Jess for teaching me that bunnies do have personalities!


Shawn said...

{{{hugs}}} I'm sorry your friend is no longer with you. It sounds like she had a wonderful life. I am glad she and your family found each other and could share the years together

Anonymous said...

Awe what a sweet rememberance of how much a critter can steal of our heart!