Monday, August 07, 2006

TEENAGE BOYS ...........

Help! My baby has entered puberty! Just when I figured he and I had the best of relationships, nature has come along and started rocking the boat!

He has hairy arms and legs and other bits that he is most proud of but which, even as his mother, I really don't want to inspect! His voice is beginning to break and I try very hard NOT to smile when the squeak hits its highest note :o))

Gone are the days when he loved to play in the bath - NOW he has suddenly developed a phobia and aversion to all things aqua and I have to nag him to take a shower.

Clothes lie in chaotic abandon all over the house - 'pick it up and put it in the laundry basket!!' is my daily cry! It's surprising just how many places I find socks. The only way they could have got where they are is for him to stand in the middle of the room and throw them in the air!

The biggest pain for me at the moment is the question 'Why?'. Now this is not asked in the pursuit of gaining any knowledge but rather in relation to bed time, going out, looking a mess and again, taking a shower. 'Why do I have to go to bed now?' 'Why can't I go out with my friends now?' 'Why do I have to take a shower now?' - to which I hear my own mother's voice emanating from my mouth in those awful words 'Because I told you to!' Oh how I used to hate it when she said that to me and I always swore that if ever I had a child I would always give a reasonable, rational explanation whenever asked the question 'Why?'. Yikes! Am I turning into my mother????

On the plus side, he may be 13 and he may be entering the 'twilight zone' as far as the teenage years are concerned, but he still likes to kiss me before he leaves the house and he still tells me he loves me more times that I can count during the course of any one day. He still likes to spend time with me and (when he has a lapse of concentration) he will still hold my hand as we wander along in town.

I guess I should stop worrying about the change in him, enjoy it and be thankful I have such a wonderful son :o))))


~ Joy ~ said...

Hang in there... he will come back.. *grin*.. I remember... now my daughter has a 13 YO and I laugh... I tell her been there done that.yikes.

Julie P said...

My mom said that all her kids (she has 8!!!) would enter the bedroom at 13 and emerge 3-4 years later, mostly grown-up. LOL

yay for the smelly, lovey boy-man!!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the socks, it is true tho they roll em up and throw them up in the air, only for one to disappear for week, while you wonder how is it they have so many odd socks!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe we do know it's nature but that doesnt make you love all of it.
It is so not how you feel when they first start to walk or talk.
I have one in the very same place.
My hope is he was okay before and he will be okay after :)