Thursday, October 26, 2006


What is it with stores at this time of year? The first Christmas cards were on the shelves 3 weeks ago! I'm surprised no budding entrepreneur hasnt opened a chain of all singing, all dancing, come and get your Easter Eggs at Christmas and your tree baubles in July! I don't want to hear the tuneful shrief of 'fa lala lala' and the smell of hot mince pies this early - by the time Christmas week arrives all the excitement has gone - what happened to the build up to December 25th?

Anyone who lives in the UK will know what I mean when I say to you all, please forgive me I have been watching too many episodes of 'Grumpy Old Women' lol.

Having got that off my chest - here's my Christmas Cheer kit, up in the store at Digitals LOL

Have a great day everyone :o))

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