Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My son and I are addicted to a programme here in the UK called 'Most Haunted'. During our Summer holiday we visited Bodmin Gaol, an old 17thC prison where the Most Haunted team had filmed one of their episodes. My DH was holding the camera and Jack was standing in front of him - bear in mind that this old prison is just as it was back when it was last used in the early 1900s - dirty, dark, dingy and parts of it completely derelict - I saw Jack jump and grab his neck - he thought a ghost had touched him - it was only the lens cap brushing against him LOL

Anyhow, to get to my original point of this post - here's my Hallow'een kit - available in the Digitals store -

They say age does funny things to the brain - I'll stop rambling now :o))


Bunny said...

I loved this kit Tink, the stamps were the best I have seen in a long time! You should pat yourself on the back!

Tink said...

Thanks Bunny :o))