Friday, November 24, 2006


I had one of those weeks! I don't know where the time has gone but suddenly it's Friday evening and when I look back I got absolutely nothing done over the past 5 days. Well, that's not quite true - what I mean is that I got nothing done that I WANTED to do. I now sell my products on two sites and am still trying to get some kind of routine set up (... I need routine because menopausal brain cells are notoriously lacking in any kind of co-ordination, long term memory function and organisational abilities!) I need to send out ADs, make blinkies, update this BLOG, create new products, do freebies, comment in the galleries and forums - I feel a brainfreeze coming on :o))

Anyhoooo, I have a couple of new kits up this week at and am organising freebies for them both will be uploaded to the freebies section of the store. Why not pop along, pick up a freebie or two and browse around the store whilst you're there.

Have a great weekend and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you over the other side of the pond.


Bunny said...

Gah, you make me sound like a slave driver!

Tink said...

LOL - nope, I just made sound like I just cant get myself organised!