Saturday, February 24, 2007


......... I had a great 50th birthday! Actually, it was more like a 'birthweek' as my family had organised all kinds of little surprises and treats for me along the way. Reaching the 'middle' mark in life has spurred me on to realising that I need to get on with my scrapbooking. I make layouts here and there but I never actually get around to sticking to a theme or completing a scrapbook - so that is my new goal - my next problem, having made the decision, was 'where do I start' - I decided to start with 'Me' - now all I have to do is decide how and what to put in it! I am off to spend some dosh on Angie Pedersen's 'Book of Me' to give me some inspiration (... actually I might just buy all of her books whilst I am there lol). This is my first layout in any event (.. so you see, I have started lol). Credit : Miss Mint's 'Candy Fairway' kit (available at

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