Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time passes ............

I used to wonder what Nanan, my grandmother, meant when she said 'Time flies by' ... as I get older I understand completely. Over the past 6 months I have watched my son grow from a young boy into an adolescent. Physically he has changed. His face is now longer and more angular; gone are the 'little boy' looks - 'I've got spots' are now the common daily wail and there is a hint of a dark shadow on his top lip. I woke up one morning to find him talking to me in a deep voice that I did not recognise - gone are the soft tones of a young boy. He has grown 4 inches in height and his shoe size has gone from a 6 to a 9. Haircuts no longer cosist of my using the clippers with a No.2 to zip quickly around his head - I fight to get the scissors close enough to take 0.5mm off of the fringe so that I can see his eyes! WWIII is going to break out in 2 weeks time because a good couple of inches is coming off all over before he starts the new school year! In line with being a true teenager he would like to sleep or lounge about in bed until midday if he was left to his own devices (.. which he rarely is lol) and I see the similarities between his occasional grunting and the characters in the movie 'Kev & Perry' - those who have see the film AND have teenage boys will know exactly what I mean :)

For all the changes, he is growing into a wonderfully charming young man with a wicked sense of humour - time is certainly flying by!

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