Thursday, October 02, 2008

SONS ... and their mothers :)

Jack announced this evening ............ ''I've shaved it off! Now, not to put too fine a point on it I was slightly startled at this sudden burst of information for a couple of reasons - (a) because communication between my once very chatty boy has become a series of grunts, most of which I can't understand as he now speaks'Teenage'eese' and secondly because I had absolutely no idea what on earth he was referring to when he referred to 'it'!! ''It?'' I asked, trying to keep calm.
''Yes, my moustache!" he said rather indignantly, and with just a smattering of sarcasm (... because after all how could I ask such a bloody stupid question!) ''What moustache?'' I replied with an equal amount of sarcasm although I did refrain from letting him see the creases at the corner of my mouth as I tried REALLY hard not to burst out laughing .... at this point my husband's voice growled from the corner of the room ''what with?'' ....... ''with YOUR electric razor of course, I dont want to cut myself'' .... I have tried to explain to him that he really doesn't look like a member of the mafia with the bumfluff that is trying to grow on his top lip (... correction WAS trying to grow!) ... and I have a husband who is now upstairs trying to steralise his electric shaver in case he 'catches' acne ..... aren't sons the greatest?

I know mine is :)

I hope you are all having a happy evening .............. Tink


Anonymous said...

thank you for a great laugh! I needed that :) sounds like my home

Anonymous said...

My now 20yo son quit shaving his mustache fall his freshman year of highschool (at which point you had to use a magnifying glass to see it). In a little less than five years it has grown to magnificent proportions, but he still usually communicates with grunts.


Tink said...

Hmmmmmmmmm I was hoping the grunts would stop lol

Zin from the Alps said...

You made me smile on a miserable otherwise day! Thank you! And thank you for the wonderful freebie Quickpages! I don't want to miss the follow ups! Have a most delightful evening!

Tink said...

Zin I hope your day got better for you :))